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14 Year Old Calls For Us To Put Louisiana First

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As the first day of the legislative session began on Monday 4/8/2019 the Senate President made a powerful call to Put Louisiana First. But this call came in a speech at the Old State Capital by a 14 year old at the Youth Legislature.

"My name is Grant Mathis. I’m standing before you today asking for your vote for President of the Senate. I know that a lot of teenagers don’t pay much attention to politics because we don’t feel that our voice matters. In fact, I recently told my dad that I hate what is going on in politics so much that I sometimes tune it out. As Senate President I would rather not call myself a politician. I would rather refer to myself as a statesman. A statesman is a legislator who brings people with different ideas together to get things done. I’ve been part of various sports teams and the one thing I know for sure is- I am a team player. I respect my teammates and support what they bring to the table. As your Senate President I promise I will work with each of you side by side to ensure that we get the job done for our team and for our state. The only way Louisiana can win is if we work together instead of losing by being self-centered. If you give me your vote, I promise to facilitate an environment of respect, honesty, and teamwork in order to get bills passed that are important to us all. Unlike so many politicians today, if I tell you that I am going to do something, I’ll actually do it. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve as your Senate President. Please consider Grant Mathis—your statesman who gets the job done!"

Our buddy Grant's colleagues elected him. We look forward to a good report about Youth Legislature. Let's use his words as a call out to all of us and our state legislators to see that we actually do something this legislative session. How can adults be satisfied by just playing politics instead of getting real work done for their children and grandchildren? We've had some great conversation with legislators in the last few days. We believe the possibility for real achievement is possible. We look forward to sharing some opportunities in the days ahead.

Richard Lipsey
Put Louisiana First

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