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Real talk... It has been a difficult year, and we all have concerns about what direction America will take in the days ahead. We are proud of all those in Louisiana that are engaging nationally.

We wish to talk to you about something within our reach.  What kind of Louisiana will we leave our children and grandchildren? We have much to fix. We also have some great and unique resources to draw upon.  First are our people.  It's a secret to many, but a 2019 Gallup Report the "State of the American Workplace" shows Louisiana workers are the most engaged workers in the nation.

While much of the national and global talk is about transitioning from fossil fuels, Louisiana's position in regard to clean natural gas production puts us in a top position to prosper in the immediate future.  The policies of the current administration are already leading to higher oil prices, and that will positively impact state revenues. These revenues, the people's money, cannot be squandered, but must be used to build a Louisiana that can prosper with both the jobs and the companies of the future.

We must achieve lasting reform with the nearly three years that remain for our current governor and legislature. Additionally, instead of just being reactive again, we need to recognize that it is likely that our next governor and our next legislature will be Republican. The reality is that the last two Republican gubernatorial efforts have been a disaster.  Instead of voters being forced to select from a roster of candidates that had little say in developing, we believe the time is not to early to start discussing the type of leader Louisiana needs, who meets that profile, and encourage persons like that to run instead of waiting to choose from just what is offered.  That leadership discussion should begin now in Louisiana. Those meeting that leadership profile should prove themselves now by working with community leaders to propose real solutions that the current governor and legislature can achieve for their legacy.  The wisdom of scripture shares that "without a vision, the people perish".  We must recruit leaders with proposals that offer a real vision. That's what people will get behind. We must not settle for anything less than real and practical vision in leadership or legislative proposals. We have been blessed with so much.  Will we be satisfied to say we left our children and grandchildren with less than we were given? Will we rise to the occasion? In line with this, tomorrow and Monday we will share a real framework for fiscal success from our friends at the nonpartisan Public Affairs Research Council, and a real reform based vision for infrastructure success with the GRIT initiative.

From Put Louisiana First 
Richard Lipsey and Terrell Brown, Founders


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