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Put Louisiana First is developing a nonpartisan summit for Louisiana state legislators to follow the upcoming election on November 6, 2018.
The initial plan is to meet with a small group of legislators equally representing both parties prior to establish priorities for discussion at the summit where cooperation without compromise of principles can bring vital reform.
Suggested priorities for the summit from Put Louisiana First to the initial planning group of legislators will include these items:
1) Immediately increase post secondary training and education participation by Louisiana high school graduates beginning with the class of 2019.
2) Freeze administrative spending in all departments.
3) Terminate all non performance based tax exemptions and rebates benefiting special interests.
4) Terminate all tax exemptions and rebates in existence for three years or more that have not demonstrated an average net fiscal benefit for the past three years.
5) Increase the amount of funding that can be held in the "Rainy Day Fund by 20% and the minimum automatic distribution of any surplus to the fund by 30% to avoid future fiscal crises.
6) Eliminate statutory dedications that produce inefficiency and inflexibility in state budgeting and contribute to fiscal pressure on education and health care.
7) Eliminate franchise tax and provide a moderate flat tax option for all businesses with under 20mm in revenue to reduce administrative and regulatory burden on small business, the major engine of economic growth.
8) Immediately prohibit any legislator from proposing or voting on legislation that provides a special benefit to any business they have an ownership interest in of 5% or more. This would apply to any legislation not applying to all Louisiana business entities.
9) Eliminate per diem or any financial compensation for any legislator for any additional special sessions for two years after any special session is called.

Put Louisiana First is a 501(c)4 community organization established by Louisiana businessman Richard Lipsey.

Paid for by Put Louisiana First. Put Louisiana First is organized under the provisions of IRS 501(c)4 to operate for community welfare. Not authorized by any candidate or committee.
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