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President Trump: "John Bel Edwards is doing a great job!"

By removing politics from COVID policy John Bel Edwards has led an effective effort to prevent Louisiana citizens from enduring the crisis now underway in Texas and Florida.
"John Bel and I have a great relationship, although he is a Democrat. He is doing a great job." - President Trump


Because our governor has based action on science and prudent and reasonable policy, Louisiana has not suffered many of the extreme limitations on citizens and businesses that have occurred in other states. Nor have the crisis level spikes now underway in Texas and Florida occurred here in our state. We need to continue to follow winning leadership like Coach Orgeron. On June 23rd, Coach “O” said

"I'm all about the plan. We need to the stick with the plan, be careful and wear our masks." - Coach Ed Orgeron

It's been said you can lead, follow, or get out of the way. Unfortunately, some of the same old political types in the Louisiana legislature have taken it to a new level and not done either one!!Just days before the latest overall spikes that are now at crisis level in Texas and Florida, Alan Seabugh, who believes it is appropriate to show up at taxpayer expense on the House floor with golf clubs, declared the crisis over and lead a group of just over twenty legislators on the Capitol steps to support revoking the governor's emergency declaration. This would have cost the state needed federal funding, caused additional lost business by promoting the kind of crisis now underway in Texas and other areas, and hindered our recovery. Seabugh and this group caused great embarrassment for our state.


Reckless behavior is nothing new to Alan Seabaugh. Who thinks that it is hilarious to disrespect the taxpayers who pay his salary by bringing golf clubs on the Louisiana House floor.

This Alan Seabaugh led crowd of just over twenty legislators showed they aren't smart enough to work for you by pulling this stunt on the Capitol steps to propose revoking John Bel Edwards prudent and reasonable emergency order just days before the recent crisis level spikes devastating Texas and Florida.

Not only did this group fail to lead or even fail to follow the winning leadership of folks like Coach Orgeron, they actually chose to get in the way of our recovery. As individuals who conduct business around America, we are thankful that currently both the wonderful lifestyle we enjoy in Louisiana and the current health conditions are better than those now encountered in Texas and other locations. Thank God that together we have overcome the foolishness of the folks displayed above. This photograph records an amazingly ill timed stunt that will no doubt take a prominent position forever in the All Time Louisiana Political Hall Of Shame.

Staff Compilation by Team Put Louisiana First

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