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It is time for Connie Bernard to resign from the East Baton Rouge School Board. With a new EBR Superintendent on the way and a prolonged difficult period for the students of East Baton Rouge dealing with COVID-19, this should be a time of focus on the future for all of EBR's school leadership. Unfortunately, this isn't possible with Mrs. Bernard hanging around. The board needs to move on to safely reopening schools and welcoming a new EBR Superintendent. We encourage Mrs. Bernard to allow it to do so. School board members should pass a resolution calling for her resignation if it has to come to that. Hopefully, it won't.

This is not about "cancel culture". Ms. Bernard needs to go not because of her positions on any issues, but because her personal conduct has gotten in the way of tackling real issues. She chose to work for us on the EBR School Board, and it is unacceptable and disrespectful to taxpayers to ignore the work at hand and extensively shop online with her government issued device at a board meeting. It is a further distraction that she lied about this when confronted only to be exposed by records from her government device. Two years ago  she was caught on video allegedly trespassing and assaulting a teenage boy. The video is an embarrassment and another distraction from EBR School Board business.  She has apologized and the case is still pending. The truth is that Connie acts without thinking, a disappointing and dangerous trait for someone in charge of our children's education. We care about education and want to see our school board members focused on the kids and making our schools better.

We do not doubt that Ms. Bernard sought the position to serve. The job certainly does not offer lucrative pay.  By initiating an orderly resignation process, Ms. Bernard can ensure that the interests of the constituents of District 8 are effectively represented. To be fair, Ms. Bernard should be replaced with a new School Board member who represents the same political party and educational philosophy as she represents. That way, it's clear this isn't about politics, but about getting down to business for the good of the kids and the school system.

Richard Lipsey
Put Louisiana First

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