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Governor's Veto Of "St. George Transition Bill" Stops Insider Backroom Play.

As a resident and business owner in the area of the proposed St. George I support Governor Edwards' veto of the Louisiana Legislature's attempt to turn the pocketbooks of the hardworking people of the proposed St. George over to a committee of 5 insiders. Look at the disturbing text below from the bill he wisely vetoed:

21 B.(1) The district shall be administered and governed by a board of
22 directors of five persons composed of:
23 (a) The mayor-president or his designee who shall be a registered voter
24 and living in the district.
25 (b) One member, who shall be a registered voter and living in the
26 district, appointed by the senator representing Senate District No. 16.
27 (c) One member, who shall be a registered voter and living in the
28 district, appointed by the member of the House of Representatives representing
29 House District No. 66.
30 (d) The chairpersons for the petition for incorporation of St. George or their designees.

The people in the area of the proposed St. George will vote on October 12 on a proposal that will affect their taxes, way of life, and quality of life for years to come. It's time for those of us in the area to discuss and decide the issues in a factual manner. Many activists on both sides of the proposition are completely well meaning and sincere.  As a lifelong Republican wanting as little government as possible I have enough trouble with the elected officials that at least we can express our opinion on at the ballot box. I've been blessed. I'll be fine no matter what happens. I receive nothing from government dollars. These political types can do nothing for me.    However, our seniors, hardworking young families, and all taxpayers in the proposed St. George need to know what will happen to their property taxes and their vital services. What will this do to those taxpayers? What will the insiders who clearly want to run our lives by UNELECTED committee gain from the contracts and deals they can make as unelected heads of yet another taxing district in the lives of the people in the area? No matter what folks decide, full transparency and full discussion are required. It's time for that to happen, and it's time to vote and move on. 

Richard Lipsey

Taxpayer and Business Owner




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