The Latest King Alexander Scandal At LSU Goes Far Beyond What Is In The Audit

The latest of the numerous King Alexander caused scandals at LSU has hit the news in the form of a report from the Legislative Auditor. Just the facts presented in the audit are certainly disturbing enough to immediately bring an end to the tenure of King Alexander and Dan Layzell at LSU. Our independent investigation reveals much more, much worse, and more telling information than the audit. We have literally received thousands of emails, texts, and calls asking us how and why King Alexander has not been replaced. Unfortunately in politics there are always many who are invested in and even profit from the status quo. Those relationships are often unknown but often explain the baffling questions taxpayers on the outside have.

Among the things not included in the report of the Legislative Auditor are the following:

We have learned from the Baton Rouge Advocate report by Mark Ballard that LSU Board of Supervisors member and Chairman of the Healthcare and Medical Education Committee Robert Yarborough was also on the board of the nonprofit known as #LaHIT that is the subject of the audit. The daughter of LSU Board of Supervisors member James Moore also was on the #LaHIT board. Here is the document filed with the IRS that shows this:

Click this link for the full form:




In fact, the next item from the June 19, 2015 LSU Board of Supervisors meeting shows that the item dealing with #LaHIT, involving board members Yarborough and Moore, was deleted at the last minute before that meeting started.


Additionally, while the statement released on behalf of King Alexander attempts to make former LSU employee Dr. Frank Opelka the fall guy for Alexander, the reality is that King Alexander himself is responsible for these licensing agreements and contracts.

In King Alexander's official statement to the Legislative Auditor on April 24 he went on record as follows with a statement now proven not to be factual: " It is unfortunate that the actions of one individual (Opelka) operating at various times outside the boundaries of his position led to a situation where LSU was placed at potential risk for conflicts of interest and other potential liabilities." This was not one individual. Whatever their intentions were or what bad advice they were provided by King Alexander, one LSU Board member was on the LaHIT board and another member had a daughter on the LaHIT board. All observers actually familiar with standard business practices now have questions that must be answered by King Alexander. Did King Alexander know that an LSU Board member and a relative of a board member were also board members of LaHIT when Alexander told the auditor in his official statement that this whole thing involved "the actions of one person"? We are also asked to believe that Dr. Frank Opelka was able all by himself to contract with a large law firm like Taylor Porter for $410,000 of legal work without anyone else knowing it? Those familiar with such legal contracts know that such a firm would not do hundreds of thousands of dollars of work based on the actions of just one person at Opelka's level. Did King Alexander know about and approve the work by Taylor Porter? What did King Alexander and others know and when did they know it?

I challenge you to find anyone outside the Legislative Auditor's office or LSU to answer yes to the following: Is it standard, acceptable, legal business practice for members of the LSU Board to also serve on the board of a nonprofit which they are doing business with and have responsibility over? Is it standard, acceptable, legal business practice for LSU Board members to review an audit of transactions with an organization they were also a board member of?

Here are two other questions folks who love LSU have: Is it a violation of ethics regulations for LSU Board members to serve on the board of an entity LSU is doing business with? Is it a violation to never disclose that relationship or only disclose it years later?

What we now know about these actions involving state and federal dollars keeps getting worse, and the frantic effort to cover up for King Alexander proves there is so much more. We are compiling the additional facts from our independent investigation to share with the taxpayers who own LSU, the Board of Supervisors, and other officials as may be needed. Just as with the recent change in leadership at LSU Athletics, we believe that officials will take appropriate action as soon as possible and bring needed new leadership to LSU. Those who can change things and fail to act today will be responsible for additional embarrassing headlines of the type the media has reported over the past few years. Those who can change things and do act today can be responsible for a renaissance at LSU like we witnessed during what are referred to as the "golden years" of the 90's. For those of you that love LSU it's time to sound off: Click this link to contact your LSU Board of Supervisors:

PS: In regard to the attacks on my motives by those benefitting from the disturbing practices detailed above, like so many of you, I love LSU. It's more than a place we went to school, more than a place we love. It is who we are. Those of us who love LSU and only think of the best interest of LSU are not going to be intimidated by those who benefit from what has been the repeated circumvention of the full LSU Board of Supervisors, regulations, the Louisiana Constitution, Louisiana Legislative Oversight, and the rule of law by King Alexander and his cronies.


Richard Lipsey

Put Louisiana First
LSU Tiger


Sunday, June 23, 2019 1:55 PM

Governor's Veto Of St. George Transition Bill Stops Insider Backroom Play.

As a resident and business owner in the area of the proposed St. George I support Governor Edwards' veto of the Louisiana Legislature's attempt to turn the pocketbooks of the hardworking people of the proposed St. George over to a UNELECTED committee of 5 insiders. Look at the disturbing text below from the bill he wisely vetoed.

Click the link above for details...

21 B.(1) The district shall be administered and governed by a board of
22 directors of five persons composed of:
23 (a) The mayor-president or his designee who shall be a registered voter
24 and living in the district.
25 (b) One member, who shall be a registered voter and living in the
26 district, appointed by the senator representing Senate District No. 16.
27 (c) One member, who shall be a registered voter and living in the
28 district, appointed by the member of the House of Representatives representing
29 House District No. 66.
30 (d) The chairpersons for the petition for incorporation of St. George or their designees.

Monday, June 10, 2019 3:26 PM

The Latest King Alexander Scandal At LSU Goes Far Beyond What Is In The Audit

The latest of the numerous King Alexander caused scandals at LSU hit the news today in the form of a report from the Legislative Auditor. Just the facts presented in the audit are certainly disturbing enough to immediately bring an end to the tenure of King Alexander and Dan Layzell at LSU. Unfortunately our independent investigation reveals much more, much worse, and more telling information than the audit.  Click the link for the disturbing facts.

Monday, May 27, 2019 12:09 AM


Click to check out Lance's big plan to bring back the bad old days.

Sunday, May 19, 2019 2:06 PM

Scott Woodward Is A Home Run For LSU, But Alleva Was Not The Problem.

Scott Woodward Is A Home Run For LSU, But Joe Alleva Was Not The Problem

As we have pointed out for months the numerous reasons we need new leadership at LSU our emphasis was not athletics. The final events leading to the recent change in the position of Athletic Director involved the 2019 Basketball Tigers, but these events were only a final addition to mismanagement and improper messaging in regard to athletic affairs. 

Click The Link For 3 Minute Read.

In this matter and in every case of mismanagement we have witnessed at LSU the buck stops with King Alexander. Based on Alleva's history with Duke Lacrosse and Alexander's reckless and embarrassing extended leaked firing and third quarter "unfiring" of Les Miles, no prudent person would have agreed to a rushed meeting with King Alexander and Alleva. Our student athletes paid the price.

We commend the LSU Board of Supervisors and James Williams for one of the most professional transitions ever seen in Louisiana public life. We can't say enough about the flawless execution. This process was in great contrast to Alexander's bungled handling of similar matters. In the hire of Scott Woodward, Board Chair James Williams and the LSU Board of Supervisors hit a home run.

We now must complete the changes needed to unleash the great potential of LSU in its full Flagship role. Winning at the highest level athletically and doing it the right way is important, but the other activities of LSU are more critical to our future. The primary responsibility of a Flagship university is to be a generator of competitive research and economic and intellectual development for a state. Just like in athletics, LSU is not in existence to compete and compare with other Louisiana institutions. LSU must win in research, STEM based and other economic development, and intellectual development against other state Flagships.

Since our original engagement for new leadership at LSU began in September we have demanded the best for LSU and have seen resistance from those who profit from the status quo. King Alexander's announcement of an Alexander and Alleva "donor relations" team following the Alleva reassignment demonstrates just how tone deaf Alexander is to the groundswell for a change in the Office of President at LSU. Except for those who personally benefit from the current leadership, the support for timely change in the Office of President is now nearly universal. It's clearly time for the same coalition that got new leadership done for LSU Athletics to quickly address the real source of the actions that made that change necessary and have resulted in the parade of scandals at LSU. The hiring of Scott Woodward has brought instant credibility to LSU Athletic Administration. Professional and timely action to complete the needed change in LSU leadership that we have called for can unleash a new golden age for all of LSU. Just as in the recent changes in LSU Athletics, judicious and professional action is in order. However, it is clear that timely action to change leadership and bring the best to LSU will be required to end the embarrassing headlines and replace them with headlines of achievement.

We thank you for all the kind words recently received and share your excitement in recent events. We look forward in engaging specifics on your behalf to Put LSU First and move forward to a prosperous future for this great institution.

Richard Lipsey
Go Tigers!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 1:05 AM

14 Year Old Calls For Us To Put Louisiana First

As the first day of the legislative session began on Monday 4/8/2019 the Senate President made a powerful call to Put Louisiana First. But this call came in a speech at the Old State Capital by a 14 year old at the Youth Legislature.

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